Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I need to contact for more information on the SOLITY project?
Please get in touch with [email protected].

How do I get access to the SOLITY Tool?
In order to get access, you first need to register on the SOLITY Tool.
if you already have an existing account on the VET4EU2 website linked to your email address, just log in.
You will then be asked to provide the needed information on your VET provider/training center in order to create its profile.
Your dashboard will allow you to manage all your training center(s) information, to appoint other users with access to your training center, and to explore the other reports stored in the Tool.

How do I complete the SOLITY Tool?
In order to find out the Social Utility score of your VET provider/training center, you will need to fill in the SOLITY self-assessment tool, which consists of an online questionnaire to be completed with data from your VET provider/center.
You can either choose to complete the survey at organization level (VET provider), or to fill it in for one or more individual training centers, in case your organization is not a single training center but includes different branches/premises.
Please remember to provide data referring exclusively to the training year you have selected and to select its trustworthiness level.
We recommend that you start collecting all the required data in advance, so as to be able to access the platform already having all your answers to the indicators.

When do I get my Social Utility Report?
You will be able to see your online Social Utility Report or to download it in PDF only once you have fully completed all indicators of the SOLITY Tool.

What can I do with my Social Utility Report?
Your Social Utility Report will graphically display:

  • your comprehensive S.U. score
  • your S.U. score for each of the axes
  • your performance compared to the average and to the best scores recorded by the SOLITY Tool
  • your score for each of the indicators

What do I do when I cannot answer a question?
The SOLITY Tool has been conceived in order to enable each training center to answer all the listed questions. Should you not dispose of the data required by an indicator, you can make an esteem and flag the “Estimate” trustworthiness label.
However, if you are not in the position to make an estimate, you can flag the "Disable this indicator" option for a maximum of 2 indicators for each of the five axes.

What is the trustworthiness level and why do I have to provide this piece of information?
The trustworthiness level allows each training center to identify the type of source it has used in order to provide the data required by each indicator. Four trustworthiness levels are foreseen by the Tool:

  • HIGH: official external data or internal data based on official data transferred to regional/national bodies
  • AVERAGE: some data is based on an internal source and some data on a ratio of external official data;
  • LOW: internal data;
  • ESTIMATE: should the VET center not be able to collect the required data due to a variety of reasons, it can insert an estimated number and thus fill in all the indicators.
Please note that the selection of the trustworthiness level is compulsory for each of the indicators.

How can I benchmark against other training centers?
Once you have your Social Utility Report, you can go to the "Explore Reports" section and start a comparison with the other reports stored in the Tool.
You can also add some filters in order to narrow down your exploration of other reports.

How is my Social Utility score determined?
When you enter your data for an indicator, a weighted score is given to the value resulting from the ratio of that indicator. Secondly, the axis score will be calculated by the sum of the weighted values obtained from all the indicators of that axis. The axis score will then be also weighted according to the weight given to that axis. Finally, the S.U. score will result from the sum of the axes’ weighted values.
The weights given to indicators and axes have not been decided by the SOLITY partnership only, but have been defined after an extensive consultation carried out during the project and that involved a large number of different actors involved in VET (from trainers to VET administrative staff, from entrepreneurs to policy makers, from experts in education to social partners, and so on).

Is my data safe?
The GDPR regulation has been applied by the partnership. All data collected is to be used only for the delivery of the S.U. report and for benchmarking purposes.
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